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The Green Globe certification is a structured assessment of the sustainability performance of travel and tourism businesses. Tignes and STGM company got this green globe. Tignes is the world's first ski resort getting Green Globe certification. The following aims are :

  • - to promote the local employment
  • - to decrease the number of gondola and chairlift pylons
  • - to replant trees and grass for soil consolidation and for biodiversity improvement.


During 2016 summer time, the residence CURLING B will be completely renovated. The exterior work will create a new roof, new balconies and a new facade with stones at the bottom. We look forward to seeing the nice result at the end of 2016.


Our accommodation is rated 3 STARS since 2016. We got this official classification with an independent agency. This agency has checked a list of 112 criteria all over the apartment. This classification describes clearly the right convenience level.




Tovière tuffs are well known in Tignes and one of the most famous geological feature in this village. Tuffs is not the right geological name to describe these rocks but the popular name. The rocks of this range are gypsum and dolomite. This layer was formed during triassic period (-250 million years) when the earth was flat with only one continent The weather was hot and dry with no more ice on the poles. This layer was the bottom of an old shallow ocean.


Olympic games on Espace Killy: 1992

Tignes hosts acrobatic skiing events : mogul skiing and two events in demonstration : acroski (ski ballet) and ski jumping. On december 6th, the new stadium is opened. This the first stadium in the world where a spectator can see all the three events from his seat. The events are spread over 7 days (February 9th to 16th )

The results for the olympic event of mogul skiing are as follows :

Skilifts on Espace Killy: What’s up?

For the ski resort of Tignes a new covered travelator to connect easely the Tovière-Rosset area to the Palafour chairlift (2015). A new departure station is under construction for the Rosset skilift (2015). In 2016 and 2018, there is a construction project of two new detachable chairlifts: Les Almes and Le Marais. A new slope, called Twaleg, will be designed on 2016 to improve the return to Tignes Le Lac.